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 It really was so strange having Gold Cup as a midweek game (on a Wednesday), in April and at Glendower.  I personally do believe that this has never happened during the last 44 years of Transvaal/Gauteng Nomads.  In fact perhaps it has never ever happened, at Transvaal/ Gauteng Nomads, as for many years the Gold Cup was always played on Dingaans Day, the 16th of December and in more recent years on a Friday.  What was also strange was that there was no dance after the double prizegiving, another first over the same 44-year span of time.  Interestingly we went straight from the day’s prizegiving into the annual Gold Cup prizegiving and we were done and dusted by about 20h30 and that was including the introduction of the new Gauteng Executive Committee!  Well done to Spero and your Committee on a really great year and have a great year Darren.

Glendower was as always in superb condition, the fairways looked great, the greens were rolling true (especially the two that I scored on) and the whole ambience of the club was superb.  Thank you to Glendower and our Executive Committee for the very tasty, blotting paper of Prego rolls and chips, they went down very well.  I wonder how many of you may not know that the first ever Nomads game was played at Glendower in April 1960 and to the best of my knowledge we have played a game there every year since that date, that’s an extremely long association.  Some people don’t know when they have had enough punishment and Larry B is once again Captain of Glendower

Welcome to Brian McLean who was inducted on the evening.  We love having another inductee under 45 joining us as it keeps our overall average Gauteng Nomad age down.  Someone asked me, at Gold Cup, what the average age of a Gauteng Nomad is and I think we are still the highest in the country with an average of 59.51.  Brian may you enjoy many happy years with the Nomads Golf Club always remembering that the more you participate the more fun you will have.

Congratulations to Mike Carr & Ralph White on their first time winning of the Gary Player Knockout (they have won the Plate before) by just one point.  There was a similar result in the Gary Player Plate with Larry B and Ryan White being the victors, also for the first time.  Well played to all you numerous Gold Cup winners especially Tulio Coelho who was the winner of the Player of the Year, he won on a very good score of 480 points which is the equivalent of level par for the whole 16 months.

Graham Bishop and Barry Bruton had a very long afternoon winning the Worst Playing Pair with 42 points and Barry collected his first Matchbox with 16 points off of a handicap of 8.

Sid Rickhoff must have needed a bakkie to take home all his prizes, well played Sid.  Amongst his prizes was the “new” Imperial/Auto MFC Nomads Challenge for your best 8 scores for the year and this win entitles Sid to go down to Fancourt to play off against the winner of this Challenge at each of the other Nomads Clubs.

Congratulations to Ron Panaino, Dickie Dixon and Steve Anticevich on receiving their 400, 300 and 100 game badges respectively. The tie awards on that evening were Nic du Toit and Pat Gaffney 15-Year, Denis Hutchinson 10-Year and Conrad Vermeulen 5-Year.



Brian Bolton    70     Roy Bromilow    60     Lucien Taeger 60
Rui da Silva    50     Darren Smith    40
Doug & Christina Watson  50th  Brian & Carol Coetzee  25th



We had hoped to see Joe Civin at the Gold Cup to receive his 45-Year tie but he put his back out the evening before and had to withdraw.  Joe will be 95 this coming September and he is still playing golf but, as he said, not quite as often as he would like to. We wish you a speedy recovery Joe and hope to see you, for that award, quite soon.

It has been two months since Ron Bartram had his knee replacement and we all wish him a speedy recovery.  A lot of us know that the older you are the longer the recuperation will be so don’t go rushing to get back into the swing of things, too soon.



It is with great regret that I have to advise you of the passing of our 1969 Transvaal/Gauteng Nomads Captain, Pat Mc Gurk.  Pat was one of the originators of the Golforama scoring boards back in the 60s and he was one of the Co-ordinators of the Transvaal Nationals held at Randpark in 1973.  Pat had played very little Nomads golf since 1981 but he, with a reminder, always came out to collect his tie awards. The last one was his 50-Year tie in February 2013 and the Captain let him speak on the microphone, which he did with his usual aplomb at just short of his 93rd birthday.  The family would like to thank those Nomads who attended his funeral and our best wishes and prayers are extended to all of them.



Darren at very nearly 41 becomes the 4th youngest ever Transvaal/Gauteng Nomads Captain.

Two things that were a little disappointing recently were the fact that only ±15 out of the 25 inductees, during the past 16 months, played in the Gold Cup as well as the fact that a number of the Gold Cup qualifiers did not even enter for the Gold Cup!

Thank you to the five Easterns Nomads who came out to play with us at our Gold Cup, we hope you enjoyed playing on such a championship course.

There are a number of you who are having or have had a problem fulfilling your playing commitments during the past two years.  If we haven’t heard from you we don’t know why we haven’t seen you.  Please give the Captain, or one of the Committee, a tinkle and discover if it is possible to change your category of membership albeit for perhaps just a year.  In that way you will not be putting your membership in jeopardy and be receiving a letter of termination.  The same applies with your subscriptions, if you are having a problem in this area please do the same.  Whichever category you may fall in to please do something about it now, we want you to retain your membership and we would like to see you amongst us quite soon.



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