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 What a pleasure to be back playing a game of golf at one of the top 10 (under correction) courses in South Africa, namely Royal Johannesburg and Kensington’s East Course.  The fairways and greens were in very good condition but surprisingly the bunkers were mostly rock hard.  The greens were very difficult to read sometimes the same speed in all directions but very fair.  As expected nobody came close to conquering this course and even more so off of the Senior/Forward Tees, this course is a really “tough nut” to crack. I can’t remember when last we had 11 names on the waiting list of our timesheet, perhaps we have to apply to RJKGC earlier in the year to be allowed a field of more than 112 players.  Also, I think, that perhaps we should apply to play on a Wednesday and then we might get the West Course for a change!  Many thanks to RJKGC for the use of your course and also for sponsoring the super curry and rice after prizegiving, especially on such a cold evening and it really was wonderful blotting paper.

Well done to Colin Barlow and Ron Sinclair who were awarded their 400th and 300th game badges respectively.  Congratulations to Peter Kirchmann who received his 25-Year tie.

Despite having to stand out in the cold from “get go”, our Starters managed to win the Playing Fourball, well done.  An interesting item came out of the prize sheet, Colin Nicholls was in the Worst Playing Fourball but also he was in the Drawn Runners Up Playing Fourball.  Craig Edwards had a very long afternoon, he won his first ever Matchbox with 19 points playing off Scratch, even the good golfers struggled on Royal East!

How nice it was to see Brian Cusins, Heinz Walter and Tony Shaw joining us at RJKGC.

We welcome Wilma as a new assistant to Bev and Roz at the registration table and we hope to see you for many years to come, thank you ladies.

It was great to see the hard copies of the Inside Right magazine at registration and on the tables in the prizegiving, I hope there weren’t to many lying around after the prizegiving.  Hopefully they can be posted to our 3 Senior Nomads, who don’t have an email address.

Many thanks to Paul Isaac who, at almost 27, became (I believe) the youngest ever Gauteng Nomad’s finesmaster.  You did superbly well considering that you are not yet a two-year Nomad and we look forward to your further fines sessions.  Just, on a personal note, try and do a lot more individual fines, give us a story/joke and just one group fine at the end of your session.


Peter Kirchmann    75     Andrew Sommerville     50
David Gibb         40     Scott Taggart          40


Brian and Isla Bolton, who became grandparents for the 6th time with the arrival of their 2nd granddaughter. 


Dickie Dixon had a nasty fall and has torn the ligaments in his shoulder, he will be out of action for a few months.

Ron Panaino has had a few problems with his back since he drove his golf cart into a dam at Bryanston.  He has had a back fusion and will also be incapacitated for quite a while.  We missed you at your home club, last week, Ron but at least there was more Bell’s for all of us!

Ron Bartram has had a knee replacement and he is progressing slowly.  He has already been out hitting balls and hopes to be back on the golf course quite soon.

Nic & Bev du Toit’s grandson has been in and out of hospital and we wish him a speedy recovery.


There are still a few spots available in the Gary Player Knockout, if you haven’t entered and don’t have an Entry Form please give Bev a tinkle and she will send one to you.  If you have never played in this Knockout and don’t have a partner then enter on your own and Bruce Richards will pair you with another Nomad, also looking for a partner.

Our Andrew Mentis Endowment Fund Chairman, Graham Bishop, is trying to resolve the big increase in the price of the tickets for the big Rugby Game, hopefully he will let us know all the details by the next game.

This month’s Lotto Draw was won by someone who hasn’t yet paid for their ticket so the money will go back into the 2014 Andrew Mentis Fundraising “kitty”.  If you are not sure whether you have fully paid for your ticket(s) please contact Andrew Mostert (082 443 0894) NOW.

Many thanks to Spero Marinki for printing out our Diary Inserts (where do we get them punched).  They probably need to be posted to our Associate, Non Active, Suspensive, etc. members, I guess that we haven’t had to do much posting in the last few years!

The following tie awards are due in the second six months of the year so please make an effort to be at the prizegiving even if you haven’t played on that particular day.  Should you have missed the exact date because you were ill or were away on holiday or business then please let Dave Tunbridge know when next you are in the field.  The final timesheet often varies from the one he receives but he will have your tie ready for you.  This applies to Associate or Non Active members too, please do come and join the Captain or someone you know for a drink and receive your well-earned award.  If I’ve made a mistake please contact me as soon as you read this report.  Also just a reminder to those of you who didn’t get around to collecting your ties in the first six months of this year, please make an effort to do something about this as soon as possible (you should know who you are!).

Jul   Ron Jones, Tony Luyt & Doug Lynch (30), Doug Hamilton & Terry McLaughlin (15) and Allen Needham (10)

Aug   David Brown (40), Paul Bolton & Ian Taylor (15) and Mike Rickhoff & Chris Wells (5)

Oct   Brian Cusins (40), Doug Watson (35), Glen Dalton (25) and Warren Wallace (15)

Nov   Frank Booth (10), Norman Leys, Alan Tonks & George Williams (5)


Three large, African American ladies were getting ready to take a plane trip for the very first time.  The first lady said, “I don’t know about y’all but I’m gonna put me on sum hot pink panties beefo’ I gets on dat plane.” “What you gonna wear dem for?” the other two asked.  The first replied, “Cause, if dat plane goes down and I’m out dere lying butt-up in a conefield, dey gonna find me first.”

The second lady said, “Well, then I’m a-gonna wear me some floe resant orange panties.” “Why you gonna wear dem?” the others asked.  The second lady answered, “Cause if dis hare plane is goin’ down and I be floatin butt-up in the oshun, day can see me first.”

The third lady says, “Well, I ain’t gonna wear no panties…”  “What? No panties?” the others asked in disbelief.  The third lady says, “Dat’s right girlfriends, you hears me right.  I ain’t wearing no panties cos, honey, dey always look for da black box first”