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 Another pleasant afternoon, if you enjoy playing in that kind of wind followed by a sand storm, I guess the coastal Nomads would have relished the conditions.  Like most Highveld courses, Ruimsig Country Club is in desperate need of lots of rain.  They had top dressed and scarified their greens and the putting was extremely difficult but as always someone was able to handle them judging by some of the scores.  As always we were welcomed with open arms and the service was very good.  Thanks to the Executive Committee for the very tasty hamburgers and chips, they went down very well.  The Ruimsig Captain’s Dinner was held the night before our game and a number of bleary eyed Nomads appeared on the tees that afternoon!

A very special thanks to Joe de Klerk for taking over the whisky sponsorship both before the game (with milk) and for the prizes.

Welcome to Koos Ellis who was inducted on the evening.  Remember to diarise all the remaining Nomads’ games, for the year, and remember that the more you participate the more fun you are going to have at Nomads.

It was a busy afternoon for tie awards.  Brian Cusins was brought to the course by his wife Noreen to receive his 40-year tie.  Despite no longer being able to play, Brian attends more prizegivings than some of our “regular” golfers and it was great seeing him there.  Congratulations to the other tie awards which were given to Doug Watson 35-year, Glen Dalton 25-year, Terry McLaughlin 15-year and Fernando Guilherme 5-year.

It was great seeing Nic du Toit back in the field again and he was soon roped in to do not only the starting but also the fines on the same day, thanks Nic.



Christina Watson   70
Norman Leys   50
Heinz Vollmer 40 (belatedly)
Chris & Jo Ledden  50th



I am glad to report that both Roy and Cathie Mentis are on the mend after their hair-raising trip to Namibia

Heinz Abt had a heart attack ±6 weeks ago and I am glad to report that he has already played nine holes and hopes to be back playing with us before the end of the year.



I played with an absolute “gorilla” at Ruimsig!  New boy, Anton Masterson, drove the green on the 1st and was ±1.5 metres from the green with his tees shot on the 6th.  On the 1st his drive hit the concrete bridge across the concrete water channel and when he got to the ball on the green it was neatly placed on a tee.  However despite this and besides making 29 points myself I was in the Worst Playing Fourball which I haven’t been in since they started having to pack the altar away.

Remember, if you have had a really bad golf day the winner of the Matchbox and the winners of the Worst Playing Pair are also supposed to help pack the altar away after prizegiving, which none of you did at Ruimsig.  I hope the Germiston finesmaster finds out who they were, you can read it up on the Internet!

Robbie Hillhouse, the Easterns immediate Past Captain came and joined us for his final Nomads game.  He has had an amazing job offer in the UK and we wish much success in his venture.

Immediately below Just Me (in Blake’s Blah! Blah!), in the October edition of the Inside Right Magazine, you will see the number 350.  If you click on this it has been set up to show you the names and records of those Gauteng Nomads who have played 350+ games up to July 2014, it’s amazing what can be done with computers these days.

I believe that The Rugby Day was a rip-roaring success and it will hopefully be repeated next year.  By the sound of things we could comfortably have booked even more tickets.

It’s amazing what people imagine could be a winner in a competition, can you believe that the Pick Three was won on 41/38/37 by three people!

The attendance at prizegiving is getting worse before getting better.  Bev is going to put a question on the Entry Forms in future so please respond as to whether you are staying for prizegiving.  She has to give numbers to the host Club for the food, as we still have to pay if you don’t stay!

There has been a marked increase in the number of you who are not capturing your Nomads scores once your name has been captured by the Lady Starters, some as many as 100% of your games.  Because we have left it to your conscience you have got very lackadaisical so this is going to be monitored very strictly in future.

The South African Open Golf Championship will be played at Glendower from the 8th to the 11th January 2015 and Easterns’ Jimmy Sales and Bev will be looking to us for help on any or all of those days.  A lot of you will still be on holiday so those of you who aren’t going to be away please keep an eye open for the “invitation” to assist.  To the newer Nomads this is a lot of fun so make yourselves available, even if it is for just one day.

A number of you are still not wearing Nomads socks and others are insisting on wearing those stupid, sloppy secret socks when wearing golf shorts.  So don’t get offended when the Starter doesn’t let you tee off and sends you back to Bev or the Equipment Officer!



 During my physical examination for my retirement Medical Aid, my doctor asked me about my physical activity level

I described a typical day this way :

“Well, yesterday afternoon, I took a five hour walk about 7km through some pretty rough terrain.

I waded along the edge of a lake.  I pushed my way through dense brambles.  I got sand in my shoes and my eyes and an abrasion on my forehead.

The mental stress of it all left me shattered.  At the end of it all I drank eight beers”.

Inspired by the story, the doctor said, “You must have been one hell of an outdoors man!”

“No,” I replied, “I’m just a shit golfer!”