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Firstly I would like to wish all Nomads a prosperous 2015. It was great to be back and playing again after a two month break. Thankfully the rain stayed away, in what turned out to be a scorcher on the day. Bryanston had postponed their green treatment for after our first game so unfortunately we couldn’t experience the Bryanston greens in all their glory. All in all the rest of the course was in fantastic nick and thanks once again to Bryanston for their great hospitality.

I had the pleasure of playing with the Captain of Bryanston, Rob Clouston, Doug Watson and Richard Moore. Rob and I came out tops on the day and we certainly enjoyed the drinks that Doug and Richard so kindly paid for. Well done to Eugene Marx on achieving his first hole in one on the 125 meter 9th. According to your playing partners you really flushed that six iron!

I would really like to thank Sean Ledden for stepping up to the plate to do the fines session. In true Scotsman style, collected the least money by a finesmaster this year! Considering this was your first ever fines session, well done. Thanks bud!

A big congratulations to Doug Watson on getting his 400 game badge. It was fantastic playing with you once again and I would like to thank you for your support and encouragement over the last three years. Congratulations on achieving this Nomadic milestone.

We will be trying to defend the Captains Cup this coming weekend. I am sure the guys will put up a big fight on Saturday but I don’t know how strong we will be come Sunday morning as 16 of us are staying over in Benoni. We are really looking forward to this event and hopefully we can pull this through and retain the cup.

I would like to thank our starters, Barry Bruton and Mossie Mostert. A special thank you to Hennie Ehlers, who is recovering from a knee op for helping out. As usual Tony Shaw, for doing starter duties. Tony, I hope to see you at the starters table for many years to come.

Last but not least, to our ladies Bev, Wilma and Roz, for helping out at the registration table. We really wouldn’t cope without all your help and effort you put in every month. We really, really do appreciate everything you do for us.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Houghton Golf Club, on the 11th March.