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We had a great day out at Glenvista Country Club. We have played at Glenvista in the winter months for five years now. I am glad to inform you that we will be making a change next year, where we will be playing during the summer. Be that as it may, the greens at Glenvista were exceptional for July. They were running really true and were even holding with my longer irons. I had the pleasure of playing with the Captain of Glenvista, Paul Van Der Merwe, Tony Luyt who received his 30 year tie, and his son, Jamie “Killer Prawn”, who I am really good mates with. It meant a great deal to me to be able to present Tony his 30 year tie as Tony was my proposers into Nomads. Tony, it was anabsolute honour that I could play with you on the occasion of reaching this Nomadic milestone. Congrats boy.          

Our new winter kit was introduced and was by most accounts well received by the members. We will have the facility to order all Nomads kit directly on the website up and running soon. Please chaps let us all wear the correct kit.      

I would really like to thank Jamie Gowans for stepping up to the plate at the last minute to do the fines session. You had us in stitches, especially with your Saturday night fever rendition for Pat Gaffers, Pat, those bell bottoms boet,Eish!   I hope all past Captains don’t have to wear them! Thanks Gowie, I owe you one. I look forward to Eugene Marx dishing out a few fines at his home track, Reading, at next months game.  

We will be hosting the Highveld trophy on the 6th August at Wanderers Golf Club, We have a full team with plenty names on the waitlist, I would just like to apologise to the members that an entry form was not sent out. There was a misunderstanding when I conveyed to Graham that it was his baby to organise the team for the day, which he duly did at the last two monthly games. It was a school boy error on our part and we certainly paid our school fees for the way it was handled. We have won the trophy for the last four years, so come on boys lets keep it in our cabinet for another year.        

On a sad note, we had the passing of Spero Marinaki’s father, Johnny, as well as the passing of his step mother, Lorna, two weeks prior to Johnny’s passing. Johnny was a former Nomad of 32 years. Spero, our thoughts are with you and your family. May they both rest in peace.    

We have fourteen Gauteng Nomads going down for the Southern Natal 30th anniversary being held at MargateCountry Club from the 26th-27th July. I wish Jimmy Reid and his committee all the best for the upcoming weekend, I am sure we are all going to enjoy the week-ends festivities.          

I would like to thank all our starters, Graham Bishop, Sheldon Botha, Greg Yeoman and Tony Shaw. Thanks guys, it’s always great to see the new Nomads starting, it is a fantastic way to get to know the boys.  I hope to see more of the “newer” Nomads doing starter duties in the future.

Last but not least, to our ladies Roz, Wilma and Nic for helping out at the registration table. We really wouldn’t cope without all your help and effort you put in every month. We really, really do appreciate everything you do for us. Nic we hope you make a speedy recovery and you can swop you skirt for some golf pants sooner than later.         

See you all at Reading Country Club on the 14th August.