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Wow my last report, how time has flown by! It feels like yesterday that I was bumbling my way through the creed when I was JVC! I cannot believe my term as Captain is now over in what has been an amazing journey. I cannot tell you enough how proud I am to have lead this amazing club of ours. I would do it again in a heart beat! I would like to thank every single Nomad for all their contribution and support I have received during my term.

The long awaited return to Houghton was certainly worth the wait! The course is a true gem. It is a true test of golf which oozes with that Jack Nicklaus feel with the shape and positioning of the bunkers and the vast undulating greens. I am really pleased to tell you that it is on the roster next year and I am certainly looking forward to going back there in March.

A year ago I took a decision to drop our Krugersdorp game for Houghton. We had 101 players at Krugersdorp the previous year compared to the 136 at Houghton last month. The problem that we do encounter when we play at the more “prestigious or high end” clubs is that we made a loss of R2000 compared to the R8500 profit we made at Krugersdorp. We as a committee have to balance out the yearly games so that by the end of the year our club is pretty much breaking even. So although the members would love to play at the “better clubs” throughout the year this is unfortunately not possible. We still need to support the many smaller clubs who have supported Nomads throughout the years.

The 50th Nationals has come and gone, and what a fantastic event it was. The Gauteng boys really rallied as a team and the spirit was fantastic among the boys. Our Plus Four kit looked fantastic and we really stood out. In the next couple of weeks we will be putting out a 50th Nationals report together with some photos for you all to have a look at. All the boys that couldn’t make it, certainly missed out on an amazingly slick and organised event.

I would like to thank our starters, Barry Bruton, Andre Swanepoel and a special thank you to Hennie Ehlers, who is recovering from a knee op for helping out.

Last but not least, to our ladies Bev, Wilma and Roz, for helping out at the registration table. We really wouldn’t cope without all your help and effort you put in every month. We really, really do appreciate everything you do for us.

Adios, see you in the cheap seats next month!