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All I can say to any future incoming Nomads Captains, never miss a Ruimsig’s Captains Dinner. It just happened to be held the night before our game as well! Lord alone knows how Colin Smith, the capatain of Ruimsig, and I won the best playing pair. We were bleeding from our eyes from the previous nights party. I also had the pleasure of hosting one of my fellow Nomads Captains, Stuart McIver from Eastern Cape Nomads. Stu partnered up with Doug Watson, who still hits the ball fantastically well and still carries his own bag. Needless to say the drinks were on Stu and Doug. Thanks chaps it was a great day out.

Our fines master for the evening was Nic du Toit. Nic is no stranger to being finesmaster.

Nic, two cracker jokes boy! You had me in stitches! Thanks for stepping up once again.

We a bit of a weird evening with tie awards, all three of our past National chairman received ties on the evening. Glen Dalton 25 year tie, Doug Watson 35 year tie and Brian Cusins for his forty year tie. Congratulations guys. To Brian, that was fantastic moment and one I won’t forget when you came up for your tie!

We travelled up to the Bots Nationals the next morning after our Ruimsig game. We played Pakalane Golf Club on the Friday, which I was most impressed with and Gabarone GC on the Saturday. The Gabs course was in better shape than previous years and considering the heat and lack of rain the have up there, they did a great job in getting the course ready for us. The Bots boys certainly put up a great party and the St Louis taps never stopped flowing. Just the way we like it!

We played the Lowveld quadrangular over the weekend of 25th October. It was fantastic to be met by many of the Lowveld Nomads at the Jock and Java on the Friday afternoon. What a fantastic example of the camaraderie that can exist when the hosts make the effort to meet the boys! Congrats to Lowveld on winning the trophy, at least Easterns didn’t retain their trophy! We managed to win best playing fourball, with me scoring a whopping 23 points, thanks for the wizzo’s boys! Thanks to Hoggie and his team for organising a fantastic weekend.

I would like to thank our starters, Barry Bruton, Tony Shaw, Nic du Toit and Andre’ Swanepoel, thanks guys. Please could some of the newer Nomads please volunteer for starters duties, it really is a fantastic way of meeting your fellow Nomads.

We will be having our “Xmas Cup” on the 28 November at Randpark. Please remember to bring your wives, partners or country cousins with you for the evening. We have arranged a comedian as well as Nadia, who sang at last years function. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Last but not least, to our ladies Bev, Roz and Wilma, for helping out at the registration table. We really wouldn’t cope without all your help and effort you put in every month. We really, really do appreciate everything you do for us.