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This is already my sixth Inside Right insert and I am officially half way through my year as Captain. The committee continues to meet on the Monday evening after every game to analyse the current affairs of the club and to also plan our upcoming events. I would like thank each of the committee for their work and input so far, it is much appreciated and the Gauteng club is in a sound position, both financially and in respect of membership. In particular, I would like to thank Andrew Mostert, who has been arranging all our away tours, with only two remaining this year. Also to Mike Payne, who stepped in after Sean was elected as JVC. Mike has been extremely busy with arranging the Swaziland Nationals in October and the Southern Cape Nationals entry form has just come out, so that will keep him occupied for the next couple of months. Also to Spero Marinaki, who volunteered to be our 55th Anniversary co-ordinator. Spero and I have been working closely together on this event and it promises to be a successful one.

On the subject of the 55th Anniversary – the anniversary takes place at our monthly game on 20 November and entries will be sent out shortly, which will differ from the traditional game entry form. Please remember that we have invited Nomads from around the country, as well as the International Clubs. We will also be hosting the Club Captain’s from all our local clubs at which we play our monthly games. This initiative was introduced last year and replaces the old traditional Captain’s Dinner. As a consequence of these potential attendees there will not be any guests invited to the day. I also urge each of you to enter as soon as you receive the entry form as we will have limited space available in the field.

We played our monthly game at Reading in September and thanks to – Todd Young (Captain), Mark Rondi (who received his 15 year tie) and Sid Rickhoff (our club secretary who continues to work hard in the background compiling the agenda, minutes and wading through all the correspondence circulated between the clubs) – for joining me on the day. We had a rather poor attendance with only 108 players and over 30 of those having paid to go. It sounds as though a rumor went around that Reading had seven temporary greens and as a result our numbers declined. The reality is that there was only one temporary green. I thought that under the circumstances and with Joburg Water having laid a pipe through the course it was in good condition. These are the courses where we receive our best playing rates and we use that revenue to offset the losses we incur at the more expensive courses. If we increase our playing numbers at these courses, it may be possible to maintain our current playing fees for next year. Please make every effort to enter for Germiston on 5 November.

At Reading we also introduced the new Gross Score Input System. Gauteng undertook to try the system first, with the assistance of Bruce Richards and if successful, to roll it out nationally. My thanks to both Bev and Wilma who captured all the scores and only found one score card error. As a result, the system will now be implemented nationally. Please remember that this new system only affects you if your CLUB handicap is higher than 18.

See you at the next game and post-game function.

Graham Bishop