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SIDNEY “SPORTING SAM” GREEN 16/12/1935 – 10/01/2014

 In January 1948 a stocky red-haired boy, a very blonde girl and a tiny dark haired boy attended the Germiston High School for the first time.  They were Sid Green, Jill Hutchinson (nee White and Hutchy’s wife) and yours truly.  Yes it was that many years ago that our paths crossed.

 At the end of 1950 Sid left school to ply a trade and it wasn’t until June 1970, when I joined Nomads, that our paths crossed again.  We went on many Away Tours and played at many National Tournaments together and yet amazingly we played very few games in the same fourball at a Nomads monthly game.

In 1988 he was elected Junior Vice Captain and went through to become Transvaal Nomads Captain in 1990.  His Charity, in his year as Vice Captain, was Sunfield Homes Logwood Ranch and they remained a firm favourite of his from that year onwards.

During his Nomadic career he played 247 games (he hasn’t played since May 1999 when he transferred to Non Active), he won the Division 3 times with 5 Runners Up places, Gold Cup Runner Up twice, Gary Player once and Away Tours Trophy once.  Sid’s pairing with Brian Cusins, in the Gary Player Knockout, was a lifetime commitment and they partnered each other for 22 years unbroken.

Many years ago Sid got involved with Golforama and right up to the South African Open last November he was our number one Rover and our braai maker/controller (especially on the Saturdays and Sundays after the day’s play).  He is certainly going to be missed by one and all (including the Pro Golfers) especially at the forthcoming tournaments.

Our love and thoughts go out to Cathy, his son, four daughters, 10 grandchildren and one great grandson, in your time of sorrow.  May he Rest In Peace and enjoy happy golfing in happier, healthier and greener fields.

Thanks are extended to the ±45 Nomads and many wives, who attended Sid’s funeral service.



Once again we managed to get the whole field through before the weather closed in.  We could see the lightning in the distance as we came down the last fairway but fortunately it stayed sufficiently far away so that the alarm didn’t have to be sounded (a la Germiston).  As always Bryanston was in immaculate condition, like most clubs after the wonderful Summer rains and they definitely had the fairest Senior tees we have played off, in a long time (not that I did justice to them).  The greens were, as always, very fair but very tricky.  The changes to the Clubhouse are superb.

It was great having six Prospective Members in the field, we hope you had an enjoyable afternoon and that it won’t be too long before you are inducted.  A few reminders to your Proposer and your Seconder, secret socks are not part of the Nomads playing kit (this includes all current Nomads too), you are expected to stay for prizegiving at which you must wear a jacket and a tie.

The best score of the day was 36 points which just goes to show how tough, as always, the Bryanston track is.  Two of our prospectives had a good day, for different reasons.  Greg Yeoman, won the Division and the Playing Fourball and was Runner Up in the Drawn Fourball, however Christopher Keary was in the Worst Playing Fourball and was Runner Up in the Worst Playing Pair (I guess you can only improve from here on).

We had a number of “at last” tie awards; Larry B and Lance Cuyler were awarded their 15-year ties and Joe de Klerk his 5-year tie.  Unfortunately our 45-year tie recipient forgot to stay for his award!  Nic du Toit won his 2nd Matchbox, by default.  The other 18 pointer didn’t arrive until his 4th hole and even though he was playing off of a higher handicap he didn’t play a full 18 holes and that’s the rules.

I got very excited to have my name on the board for nearest the pin at the 9th (the last time must have been at least 10 years ago) only to be pipped at the last minute.  Of course our Past Captain wanted to know if I had used my driver off the tee!

Thank you Mossie for a very slick fines session, I think Bryanston deserved their fine for no chocolates, cold water in the showers and for running out of towels!



Colin & Brenda Marsden          40th     Mark & Jenny Lamb          25th


Grahame Boyle on the occasion of his son Malcolm’s marriage to Jannicke.



 Western Province Nomads on the passing of Dave Whitefield, a Nomad of ± 46 years and the second Nomad to ever be awarded a 500 game badge.



Joe Civin, our most Senior Nomad at 94, had a mishap a few months back and cracked 5 ribs.  I am glad to report that he has started playing golf again and he hopes to play at Glendower, the Gold Cup, and to receive his 45-year tie.

It was great to see Joe de Klerk back playing at Bryanston after almost a 9-month lay-off.


If you have a favourite charity, which we could select as this year’s Andrew Mentis Fund beneficiary, please pick up the phone and give Graham Bishop a call, but do it now.

Please remember that if you forget to bring your change of clothing for after the game then by all means have some drinks with your fourball and then go and get your car keys and your golf kit and go home.  This is as a mark of respect to the Club at which we are Guests and you will not be welcome at the prizegiving, in fact you could possibly find yourself receiving a very strong letter from the Captain!

Quite a few of you have scrapped your telephone landlines, please let us know of the changes as soon as possible.

There is going to be an Andrew Mentis Fundraising rugby game later in the year game, exactly like the one last year.  At this stage I can’t give you a date but I can tell you that it was so popular last year that as soon as you are advised of the date and the venue, send your money to the person(s) involved.

Our Gauteng team for the 49th National Tournament in Port Elizabeth in March has been selected.  Congratulations to Craig Edwards, Hennie Ehlers, Sean Ledden, James Luyt, Allen Needham and Scott Taggart who will be attending their 1st Nationals.  It’s an away Nationals and that will always make it more memorable, have fun and enjoy yourselves.

A number of you are forgetting to give your apologies and to leave R20.00 with the Captain of your fourball or with either of our Ladies, Bev or Roz, if you won’t be staying for the prizegiving.  This was particularly noticeable at the Bryanston prizegiving and it is totally frowned upon!

The Bell’s tickets, for which you should have paid together with your subs., were distributed to most people at the Bryanston game.  If you weren’t at that game please give Graham Bishop a ring so you can get your book of 10 tickets.  Once again you don’t have much time to sell them (if that’s what you intend to do) as the stubs will have to be returned by the February game so they can be taken to the draw at Nationals in March.

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please diarise that the next game will still be played on Wednesday the 19th February 2014 but the venue is Randpark and NOT at The Wanderers.

If you can help out at Golforama at either The Joburg Open to be played at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington from Thursday the 6th to Sunday the 9th February, or the Telkom PGA to be played at CCJ from Thursday the 6th to Sunday the 9th March.  The latter tournament clashes with the Port Elizabeth Nationals so those of you who won’t be going to Nationals and all you “newies” please make yourselves available.  Please make a call to Glen Dalton right away on (082 7718437) even if you are only able to help on just one day.



 An Arab and a Jew go to a pastry shop.

The Arab whisks three cookies into his pocket with lightning speed.  The baker doesn’t notice.

The Arab says to the Jew, “You see how clever we are! You’ll never beat that!”

The Jew says to the Arab, “Watch this, a Jew is always cleverer than an Arab”.

He says to the baker, “Give me a cookie, I can show you a magic trick!”

The baker gives him a cookie, which the Jew promptly eats. 

Then he says to the baker, “Give me another cookie for my magic trick!”

The baker is getting suspicious but he gives it to him.  He eats this one too.

Then he says again, “Give me one more cookie”. 

The baker is getting angry now but gives him one anyway.

The Jew eats this one too.

Now the baker is really mad and he yells, “So where is your famous magic trick?”

“The Jew says, “Look in the Arab’s pocket!”