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Gauteng Nomads, please see below details on the new Tempest Car Hire Individual Knockout Competition kicking off soon!

The competition
Individual Knockout competition will run from the May monthly game to the Gold Cup game in April. The
competition will have pools of 128 players depending on the amount of entries, with the winners of each pool
playing against each other at Gold cup for the grand prize.
Entry fee
The fee to enter is R20.00 per player.
Tempest Car Hire will supply a three night stay for two people, including air tickets and car hire to a choice of three
different venues (yet to be determined) in South Africa for the overall winner.
The winners of each pool will win a portion of the entry fee which will be determined once all the entries have been
Please note that all entry fee monies collected will be used for the pool winners and overall winner in the form of
prize money, no money will be withheld for the Nomads coffers.

Cycle ‐ The time taken to complete a round (Some rounds will take 2 months and others one month).
Draw ‐ The draw will consist of 128 players culminating in the winner of each pool playing against each
other at Gold cup. Once the draw has been made there will be no changes made to it.
Differential – The difference between the average score for the day and your score i.e. if the average score for the
day is 29 and your score is 31 you will record a +2 differential, if your score is 27 you will record a ‐2

1. The competition will be run as an individual knockout competition from May to Gold Cup.
2. You don’t need to play in the same fourball as your opponent or organise additional games, your score will
be calculated from your Nomads scorecard, which will be obtained from the SAMSON system. All you need
to do is play your monthly game, you can then follow your progress on the national website where all results
will be loaded as they are received.
3. The player with the highest differential for a cycle will progress. Where there is a cycle with two months your
best differential score from the two games will count. In the event of a tie the second score will count – if still
the same there will be a count out commencing from stroke 1 through to 18 on the second card without
taking handicaps into account i.e. if both players score the same Nomads points on the stroke one the stroke
2 will be taken into account and so on and so forth until there is a winner. If there is only one score available
the person with two scores will advance.
4. If a player is unable to make a monthly game in a cycle a make‐up game score may be used as long as the
game is played within that cycle and is the only score available. The onus is on the player to ensure that the
co‐ordinator receives his score. The differential scoring rule applies.
5. Should a player be unable to make a monthly game or a make‐up game in a cycle he will forfeit and his
opponent will advance.
6. In the event that a game is rained out, the re‐arranged game will count. Should the player not be able to
participate in the re‐arranged game he will unfortunately forfeit this game.
7. If both players are unable to make at least one monthly game or play a make‐up game in a cycle they will be
Cycle dates
The cycles have been based on 128 Players
Cycle 1 — May/June — 128 Players per section
Cycle 2 — July/August — 64 Players per section
Cycle 3 — September/October — 32 Players per section
Cycle 4 — November — 16 Players per section
Cycle 5 — December — 8 Players per section
Cycle 6 — January — 4 Players per section
Cycle 7 — February — 2 Players per section
Cycle 8 — March — 1 Winner per section
Cycle 9 — April — Gold Cup Winners from each section compete for the grand prize

Mike Fick