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It is always a pleasure to play at Bryanston and with all the upgrades to their facilities it is a top Johannesburg golf experience. It was a good venue to receive my 5 year tie, with our JVC, Barry Bruton. The next time we play Bryanston I will be Captain and that also means that I get to tee off on the stroke 18 par five first hole, as opposed to the stroke 1 par four tenth hole, measuring 444 metres. I can’t recall ever managing a point on that hole. One of the responsibilities of the incoming Captain is the selection of our 12 courses for the year, starting in May. In an attempt to give clubs the opportunity to also show off their course, in the summer months, I have moved a couple of games around. You will see that we are back at Bryanston in June and in January 2016, Glenvista will host us in summer.

While we appreciate what all our National sponsors do for Nomads, there is an interesting competition on the go at the moment. Tempest has sponsored a national competition that has been running since May 2014. In brief, it is played over the calender year and at every game. All twelve South African clubs participate and it is run in a knockout format. So you would be drawn against a Nomad from Natal for example and each of your scores would be entered onto the system. The winner of that match would be the player who has fared better against the average of the field at his game on the day. For example, the field average for Gauteng is 27 for the day and I score 28 it’s +1. The Natal player scores 28 with a field average of 28 it’s 0 and I go through to the next round. If you would like to see whether you are still in the competition log onto the national website, click the sponsors tab and then under Tempest you will see the knockout spreadsheet. There are great prizes on offer and the final will be played at Gold Cup. The entry fee is only R20 and will open again at the March and April games for the next year’s competition.

On the Andrew Mentis charity side, I have received the letter of thanks below from St Laurence’s Children’s Haven. Many thanks to all of you who contributed during the year. Thank you letter – St Laurence’s – Jan 2015

Graham Bishop