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The Gauteng Nomads Annual General Meeting was held at Randpark Golf Club on 3 March 2015. Fortunately it appears that election of the Captain is a mere formality. Thanks to all the members who made the effort to attend this year’s AGM. If you didn’t enjoy the drinks bought by the new Executive, at least you managed to get a point towards the 51st South African Nationals, hosted by Southern Cape and to be played at Knysna Golf Club from 5 to 12 March 2016 and to be known as “The Loerie Nationals”.

I would like to congratulate both Barry Bruton and Sean Ledden on their election to the positions of Vice-Captain and Junior Vice-Captain respectively. I am looking forward to working with the team, in maintaining what has been a great spirit created by both Darren and Spero before me. For those of you that did not manage to obtain that Nationals point, I mentioned (in my very brief speech), that the main focus will be firstly, to act in the best interests of Gauteng Nomads at all times and secondly, to try and maintain our current playing fees by using all the local clubs and increasing our sponsorship revenue. When I started playing golf as a youngster my Father taught me, that the most important thing in golf is not, keeping your head down or getting the correct equipment but rather to buy your fourball a drink after the game and stay for prize-giving. We now, thanks to Bruce Richards, have the ability to track those who continually “pay to go”. This will continue to be monitored and I believe that additional Nationals credits should be awarded to those who stay. The new committee will be introduced at Gold Cup at Glendower on 17 April.

Within a couple of days of being elected, I was asked to attend the Central Gauteng Junior Golf Awards Dinner at Bryanston Country Club. Even though I have served on the committee for several years, this is a part of Nomads that I had not been exposed to. What a wonderful evening hosted by Central Gauteng and in particular Bill Swailes. Nomads received several mentions on the evening and it is pleasing to see that our funds are being allocated appropriately and the junior recipients of those funds are enjoying huge success as a result. It was however disconcerting to find Devi Sankaree Govender (the Carte Blanche presenter) in the audience, who fortunately was there to see her daughter receive several awards and not to investigate the misappropriation of funds.

Graham Bishop