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What a pleasant experience to play a Nomad’s monthly game without having the responsibility of starting the field. I am pleased that it is over and fortunately I managed to avoid a match box throughout the year. I would like to thank all those individuals who assisted me over the last 16 games with the starting duties. A particular thank you to Joss Hamilton and Tony Shaw. Also to our new Junior Vice-Captain, Barry Bruton, good luck and enjoy it. Your points tally should improve as the year progresses.

A new challenge awaits this year and that is the responsibility of selecting a worthy charity, collecting funds on their behalf and appropriately distributing those funds. I have already submitted my charities for approval by The Andrew Mentis Nomads Foundation and will share these with you once I receive official correspondence. The delay in having the charities approved has not halted our fund raising efforts and we have already sold out our Bell’s draw tickets, TaylorMade raffle and are within a couple of numbers short of our Lotto Draw. To all the members who continue to support these fund raising efforts, month in and month out, we really do appreciate the donations.

I have not had an opportunity at a monthly game to introduce my new Andrew Mentis committee, so here they are. Darren Holm, Barry Bruton, John Brewin, Sean Ledden, Andrew Mostert and Tyron Zaaiman. We have also received some informal undertakings by members who are willing to assist where needed. Thank you to those who have put up their hands and I trust we will have a rewarding year and one that is beneficial to our charities.

For those of you who were not at prize-giving or did not manage to play at Kyalami, I discussed the future possibility of having donations recognised as tax deductible. The final information has not yet been received, but it looks positive and as soon as I receive it I will inform all members on how it will be implemented.

Graham Bishop