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The matron, Sharon Flint of Prim-villa Retirement Home was on hand at Germiston to thank the Nomads personally for their generosity and the gift of the Sensory room and equipment that was donated to the home.   I would like to add my thanks to all of the Nomads for having made this possible.

The second of my chosen charities for the year 2015 is the Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Disabled. The home has asked for the leaks to their Hydro-therapy Pool to be fixed and for the pool to be recoated. This will ensure that therapeutic benefits of the pool are once again available to the residents. Their second request was to provide Shade Gazeboes for the use of the residents, so that they may spend more time outdoors. This must have been a very welcome in our recent heat wave. A further project is the installation of lights, to light a path to the assembly point in case of emergency. This is a health and security concern as the residents are unaware of night time, they awake after the sun is up and are back in their rooms before it is dark and may panic if forced out of the home at night.

Owl Avery Revamp

Owl Avery Revamp





The committee has also given the go ahead to upgrade the owl enclosure at “Wild Life in Crisis” my third charity for the year. The current aviary is too small for the 21 plus Spotted Eagle Owls in it and so this is been enlarged. Wild Life in Crisis has been taking an overflow of injured birds from the Free Me Organisation in Bryanston, and requires help to transport the injured birds. We will try to help them in this regard.

Finally congratulations to the Gauteng Nomads on their 55th Anniversary this year may we have many more.

Barry Bruton


Dear Mr Bruton,

I trust this mail finds you well.

This has been a very exciting week for us at Avril as the very first of our Projects came to fruition when Solis Shade Netting installed and completed the Shade Netting yesterday.  Even our Residents are in awe of the ‘new’ area and came to call us to show and express their delight. 

Herewith attached please find some images for your perusal.  It has given the Home a much-needed facelift of note and I for one, cannot help to find an excuse every now and then to go out and have a look at how it has completely changed the look of the area.

Thank you once again for sponsoring one of our most urgent requests.

We are looking forward to what is about to follow.

Please feel free to visit with us at any time to inspect the finished product.

Kind regards,

Salome Smith

Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped

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