Annual Competitions Explained

  • Andrew Mentis Trophy: Total of best five scores in monthly games in a playing year plus average handicap of the scores selected. Must have played at least six games for the year.
  • John Handley Trophy: Total of best three scores from the Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct games. Must have played at least three of the mentioned games.
  • MOTUS Challenge: Total of best eight scores in a playing year plus average handicap of the scores selected. Must have played at least eight games for the year.
  • Cox Trophy: Total of best six scores EXCLUDING handicap in a playing year.
  • Eclectic Competition: The best score achieved at all holes from 1 through 18 over the playing year, theoretically your best round, PLUS 80% of the player’s average handicap for the monthly games playedin the playing year.
  • Away Tours Competition: Total of the scores achieved at all away trips (excluding Nationals).
  • Over 55 (Fifty Five’s): Total of best two scores any member of 55 or over, as of 1st Jan that year, in the playing year.
  • Rhodesian Decade Trophy: Best score at gold cup by a member of ten years standing or more.
  • Best Worst Golfer: Of the Match Box winners for the year, the member getting the best at the Gold Cup game, is the winner.
  • Gary Player Trophy: Winning pairing of the knock-out competition.
  • Gary Player Plate: First round losers of the above trophy knock-out winning pair.
  • Best Golfer Trophy: Member with the most total points scored in the playing year.
  • Rutherford Trophy: For total of best eight scores during playing year including Gold Cup for members who have played 200 monthly games or more.
  • Gold Cup Winners: Members who have won a division, A B or C, in the playing year with the Best Score on Gold Cup Day.

Current Standings

Click on the below links to view the leader-boards for the various annual competitions in progress. All standings as well as nomad handicaps and stats will be updated by the Monday following each monthly game.