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Glenvista Golf Course was in superb condition considering the time of the year.  Understandably the course was brown and dry, there was lots of run on the fairways and the greens were like greased lightning.  To give you an example of the run on the fairways, I played with another Senior Golfer and his second shot on the par 5 2nd hole finished ±1m short of the green.  I wonder how many of you noticed just how much water there is on that course; there are only 6 holes on which water doesn’t come in to play at all.  Besides the water coming into play this is one of the toughest courses for the Seniors to play as there were in fact only nine sets of Forward Tees and four of the other nine had only ±1m advantage over the Club Tees.  I had a word with Dave Whitfield, the Club Pro, and he said they are hoping to have 18 Forward Tees by our next visit!  However everyone had a great afternoon and, as usual, we were welcomed with open arms.

The Krugersdorp guys who possibly had the furthest distance to travel, Norman Murray & Bill Bailey, definitely enjoyed the course and together they won two Divisions and also the Best Playing Pair.

We welcomed Eugene Vorster, the Head of the South African Disabled Golf Association.  He told us a bit about this organisation and thanked us for the ±R1 million that Nomads have given countrywide, to disabled golf, to date.

Congratulations to Tony Luyt and Doug Lynch (on Leave of Absence) who received their 30-Year ties.  It is such a pity that a 30-Year, two 15-Year and one 10-Year Nomad weren’t there to receive their awards, especially the two who were in the field.  You all have due notice so we would love to see you at the prizegiving receiving what you have rightly earned!  We still have ties for Joe Civin (45), Pierre Dormehl (20), Vic Hurford (5) and Rupert Fourie (5) from 2013, why don’t you come out to a prizegiving quite soon and collect them but remember to tell the Captain that you will be there.

Welcome to the two brothers, Heinz & Eugen (Okkie) Vollmer who were inducted on the evening.  This, I believe, is only the second time in the past 44 years that two brothers have been inducted on the same evening!  The previous two, were Dion & Lance Cuyler on 13/05/1998 and guess what they were immediately co-opted as joint Equipment Officers, better watch out Heinz & Eugen!  By your amount of participation already we know that you are both going to be super Nomads and we hope you enjoy all the camaraderie of Nomads for many years to come.

Thanks to Roz and Wilma for manning the booking-in table so efficiently while Bev was away on a diving trip.  We hope Bev had a great time and also the two Nomads who went with her!

It was great seeing two “newies”, Sheldon Botha and Greg Yeoman, doing the starting on the tees that’s the way you get to meet your fellow Nomads.  Just remember to get the names of any misdemeanours and give them to the finesmaster.

Jamie Gowans was asked to stand in and do the finesmaster’s job at the 11th our.  It was his first time on the mike and he did a really super job, just a pity he didn’t have a translator!

All in all this was a really super and slick prizegiving, keep it going guys.



Peter Nieman       60     Rob Cunningham         40



John Welsh on the occasion of his marriage to Terry on 06/06/2014.



Spero & Frances Marinaki on the passing of Spero’s Step-Mom, Lorna, and Dad Johnny, within two weeks of each other.  Johnny was one of those wonderful Nomads characters that you come across once in a lifetime, we will all sincerely miss him.  He joined Nomads in April 1976 and decided to call it a day in October 2008.  He played in excess of 350 Nomads games and also played at 32 consecutive Nomads National Tournaments.  RIP Johnny.

Border Nomads on the passing of their 1986 Captain. Jack “Rosebud” Rosenberg.



I was cleaning out my file, dated 01/09/80 in my year of Captaincy, to discover we had 265 members then and only 18 of those are still members today.  There are still a few more around after their transfers to other Provinces.

When you have a bad day at golf it is not a signal to buzz off home. Both members of the Worst Playing Pair (who managed to accumulate a combined total of 44 points) didn’t stay for prizegiving at Glenvista, to help pack away the altar.  If the next finesmaster needs there names just ask.

The Tour to the Lowveld has been finalised for the weekend of the 18th to the 20th October.  This is always a wonderful family weekend with two games thrown in too, usually at Nelspruit and White River.  Have a chat to “Mommy” and fill in and return your Entry Forms as soon as they come out, especially if you have never been away on a Nomads trip!

It’s time to start putting together your own personal fourball to play in this year’s Andrew Mentis Charity Golf Day at Modderfontein on Friday the 5th of September.  Remember this is your 13th “official” annual Nomads game and a must!  The Entry Forms should be out quite soon.  If you would like to sponsor a hole, or prizes, etc. please contact Graham Bishop.

The Rugby Game is on but the tickets will cost you R1050.00 this year.  However this includes your food, your booze and the return bus trip from Randpark golf course.  Make sure you get in early on this one and speak to Graham Bishop too.

Remember if you win beer or whisky at pizegiving and you aren’t there it goes towards the Rugby Day and we thank you in advance.

What a way to win a prize at your Nomads induction game.  Congratulations to Heinz Vollmer who accumulated 18 points off a 5 handicap and won his first Matchbox.  I guess it’s only upwards from here on.

We haven’t seen Mark Lamb in the winner’s circle for some time, well played Lamb Chop and it wasn’t for one of your cycling events.

Our thanks go out to Pringle for their beautiful shirts, as an Attendance prize over many years.  They have now “pulled” out and if you or your company would like to sponsor a monthly Attendance prize, please speak to Barry Bruton.

Congratulations to Southern Natal Nomads on the occasion of their 30th Anniversary.  Let’s hope we get something in the Inside Right magazine of another Nomadic fun away weekend.  It seems like just the other day that I stood on the 10th tee at Southbroom for their opening game.



A blonde heard that baths in milk would make her beautiful.

She left a note for her milkman Dave to leave 25 gallons of milk.

When the milkman read the note he felt there must be mistake.

He thought she probably meant 2.5 gallons.

So he knocked on the door to clarify the point.

The blonde came to the door and the milkman said, “I found your note asking me to leave 25 gallons of milk.  Did you mean 2.5 gallons?”

The blonde replied, “No I want 25 gallons.  I’m going to fill my bathtub and take a milk bath so I can look young and beautiful again.”

Dave the milkman asked, “Do you want it pasteurised?”

The blonde replied, “No, just up to my tits.  I can splash it on my face.”