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We really are privileged to play at 12 superb different golf courses a year and let’s face it Germiston Golf Club was, to my mind, in an absolutely fabulous condition.  Personally I’m almost certain that we have played at Germiston every year since I joined Nomads in 1970 and this is the best looking I have ever seen it.  The subtle changes to the clubhouse and the course, the fairways, the greens and everything else were in absolutely tiptop condition.

The more I think about it, it is quite possible that Germiston, together with Glendower Golf Club, are the two clubs at which Transvaal/Gauteng Nomads have played every year since inception.  The older Nomads can possibly verify this as I don’t know where we could look up/trace something like this!

If the Germiston Captain had his way we could come there once a month and our thanks go to him for all the kind words he had to say about Gauteng Nomads!  He told us that Germiston Golf Club is one of the oldest Golf Clubs in South Africa and he believes that The Nomads Golf Club is one of the longest standing sporting associations, of it’s kind, in the world.

Thank you Germiston for accommodating us again and for the most enjoyable Lasagne and salads, courtesy of our Executive committee.  We look forward to coming back again next year.

Welcome to Wilma Snyman who was inducted, as another of our Lady Non Playing Nomads, on the evening.  We already know that you will slot in with Bev and Roz and look forward to seeing you at the “booking in” tables every month.

At last we got our most Senior Nomad, Joe Civin, to come to and play at a meeting and to collect his 45-year tie, almost two years late, well done also to Warren Wallace on receipt of his 15-year tie.  Further congratulations are extended to Johan van Wyk and George Aldrich who were awarded their 300 and 200 game badges respectively.

We did enjoy seeing two of our non playing Honorary Life Members, Joss Hamilton and Brian Cusins, coming out to chat and have a drink with the players.

It was great seeing five Easterns Nomads together with visiting National Senior Vice Chairman, Gary Rodwell from Southern Natal, in the field and we hope you enjoyed your afternoon with us.

Thank you to Sheldon Botha, a 2014 inductee, for doing your first fine session.  On a personal note, next time remember to scrap the “big” fines and get almost everyone with a good Group Fine.  Well done.



Doug Lynch           80




 Sean & Lauren Johnston on the arrival of their beautiful baby daughter.


Mike Hendricks and Wilma Snyman on the occasion of their engagement.



Thanks to Sean Ledden for stepping in to handle all the starting duties on behalf of the Junior Vice-Captain, who was otherwise disposed.  It’s always a good learning curve if you wish to take a step up the Committee ladder!


Another reminder, as you have all now been advised per email, is that the South African Open Golf Championship will be played at Glendower Golf Club from the 8th to the 11th January 2015 and Bev is looking to us for help on any or all of those days. To all Gauteng Nomads this is a lot of fun so make yourselves available, even if it is for just one of the four days.


Lee Fawkes must have set a record, for a prospective Nomad, as he was in the Worst Playing Fourball in consecutive months.  It can only get better from here on Lee!


Jimmy Littlewood had a very long afternoon and improved on his own personal Nomad playing record, by winning his 15th Matchbox in almost 46 years.


I was privileged to be part of a very special fourball at Germiston, whose total ages amount to 314 years and 4 months, whose total Nomads membership is 167 years and 2 months and whose total Nomads games played amounts to 1691. Interestingly the Nomads’ father and son have each played exactly the same amount of games, 315.  In case you ask, all of this averages out to 10.116 games per player per year.


Recently the first Membership Meeting of this year was held, to check out everyone’s playing records after six months of this playing year, and I can comfortably say that the results were definitely the worst in the 36 years that I have been attending these meetings.  The Committee is well aware of the economic climate but without some correspondence from you they are unable to address and sort out your problems, if they can.  If you have a problem please put something down in writing, send it to the Captain or the Membership Officer and they will do what they can.  Don’t just sit on your butts for the next six months and then get all upset when your membership is terminated, which it could easily be!









Two good old Irish boys, Mick & Paddy, have just been promoted from privates to Lance Corporals.

Not long afterwards, they’re out for a walk and Mick says, “Hey, Paddy, there’s the NCO Club; let’s you and me step in.”

“But we’re only privates,” protests Paddy.

“We’re Lance Corporals now,” says Mick, pointing to his stripe and pulling him inside.  “Now, Paddy, I’m a-gonna sit down and have me a drink.”

“But we’re privates,” says Paddy.

“You blind, boy?” asks Mick, pointing again at his stripe.  “We’re Lance Corporals now!”

So they have their drink and pretty soon one of the Army lasses comes up to Mick.  “You’re cute,” she says “and I’d like to date you, but I’ve got a bad case of gonorrhoea.”

Mick pulls his friend to the side and whispers, “Paddy, go look in the dictionary and see what gonorrhoea means.  If it’s okay, give me the okay sign.”

So Paddy goes to look it up and comes back and gives Mick the big thumbs up.

Three weeks later Mick is laid up in the infirmary with a terrible case of gonorrhoea.

Mick says to Paddy, “Why the hell did you give me the thumbs up?”

“Well Mick, in the dictionary, it says gonorrhoea affects only the privates and we is Lance Corporals now!”