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My final Inside Right insert – which I am actually going to miss writing in future, but am looking forward to sitting back and reading the next 12 issues in the comfort of my lounger, with no input. It has been three and a half years as part of the executive committee of Gauteng Nomads. I am now looking forward to my new role as immediate past Captain and club liaison. The new badge has been placed on my jacket in its rightful position and it is one that I will wear with pride and very fond memories.

The AGM is a thing of the past and congratulations to Barry Bruton, Sean Ledden and Graham Swallow on your appointments. I hope that you all enjoy the experience as much as I did. For the final time, thanks to all the members for their support during the year and to my committee, for their dedication and sacrifice of personal time during my term. I enjoyed working with each and every one of you. Thank you to all the members for the kind words and support after Gold Cup at Glendower, it is really appreciated. In particular to Paul Isaac, Riki Corthouts, Larry Bredenkamp, Brian Cusins, Mike Hendricks, Mike Rickhoff, Colin Nicholls and Alec and Verena Saunders, for what you said that evening, it won’t be forgotten and is much appreciated.

What a year it has been and there were many highlights. I inducted eleven new Nomads, one transfer and one re-induction. 20 year ties to Malcolm Sheppard, Dereck Cuthbert, Les Coetzee and Grant Cochrane. 25 year ties to Dave Stevens and Mike Olive. 30 year ties to Heinz Walter and Roy Mentis. 45 year ties to Rob Hoar and Ken Blake. 300 game badges to Heinz Walter and Ken Jacques. A 350 game badge to John Welsh and 450 game badges to David Brown and Brian Burns. A 40 pointer at Royal, winning the Langham Edward and Drakensburg Cup and re-claiming the Captains Cup. The most important of them all, was not having to read the creed for those for whom the Bell has tolled.

Gold Cup was once again hosted at Glendower and with all the distractions as Captain, it was not a good day on the golf course for me. Having qualified for Gold Cup, my chances of winning were over by the 5th hole, after having amassed a total of two points. The golf course was in superb condition and is a true test of your golf ability. To my fourball, Miguel Cardoso (Captain of Glendower and a Nomad), Ian Bradley (past treasurer) and Dave Tunbridge (current equipment officer), thanks for joining me and apologies for having to witness all those shots. We had a magnificent turnout, with 8 morning players and 140 in the afternoon. Gold Cup is the most important game on the calendar and the numbers certainly reflect this. I still believe that it should be moved back to December and have raised the issue at National level. It remains on the agenda for Barry and his co-Captain’s to take forward at future National Management Meetings. The importance of the event was further highlighted by having our National Chairman, Vic Hall as well as our National Vice Chairman, Alten Hulme also present on the day. Vic had the privilege of inducting a third generation Nomad in Kyle Germs and we also welcomed Erik Van Der Merwe and David Atkinson.

That’s it from me – cheers


Graham Bishop