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 Kyalami was in superb condition.  The course has been tidied up in a number of areas, the tees and fairways were still fairly green, for this time of the year, and the greens very good and somewhat fast in all directions, we hope their Club championships went off well over the following weekend.  We played off two “alternate” tees on two of the short holes and they were both very interesting.

It was great to welcome the “new” National Chairman, Greg Clack from the Eastern Cape, on his first official Nomads Club visit during his year of Office.  He has already attended two Junior Golf Tournaments and he was very pleasantly surprised for all the thanks, to Nomads, that he got from the young golfers.  He brought us up to speed with some of the things he plans to during this coming year and he was delighted to play at Kyalami, where the first Nomads National Tournament was held in 1966.  He complimented us on our new uniform and thanked our two ladies for everything that they do at registration.  We second that.

Neil Homann, from the South African Golf Union, had a few minutes on the microphone and he explained what they do for Junior Golf across the country and he thanked us (Nomads) for all the tournaments that we sponsor countrywide.  The Kyalami Captain, Steve van der Klis, was also very complimentary to us and said that if any of us are ever in the area of the Club and are looking for a game we should make ourselves feel welcome to come and play at Kyalami.

Welcome to Mike Heffill who was inducted, by the National Chairman, on the evening.  Not many Nomads have that privilege.  Mike is an under-30 Nomad and judging by the number of look-see games he has played at he will be a very keen “young” Nomad.  Remember to get your Entry Form in right away to play in the Gary Player Knockout and please enjoy many many years of Nomads camaraderie.

Congratulations to Jamie Gowans who received his “first” Silver Tray and to Doug Watson and Larry B, who received their Silver Trays for their 40-pointers at Nationals.  Well played all of you.

Well done Zenn Vermeulen who, as an 11-month Nomad, won his first Division, may this be the start of many to come.

Many thanks to Larry B for a short and sharp fines session.


Joan Dixon    80     Helen Brown    75     Ron Panaino    75
Tony Luyt     70     Alan Tonks     70     Robin Gray     60


It has been drawn to our attention that a number of you are still wearing “secret” socks and non-Nomad socks, both of these are unacceptable.  Please bear in mind that if this is noticed on either of the starting tees you will be told to go and buy the appropriate socks and will have to catch up to your threeball or else you can just go home.

The whole idea about playing at a Nomads monthly game is to participate fully.  This does not mean that we want your R20.00 for going home early.  It has been duly noted that a number of you are doing this on a regular basis, this is frowned upon (other than a very occasional apology) and this will be punished, in some way, in the future.

When you arrive at a game please remember to check in with the Main Starter, just let him know that you are at the course.  If you just go straight to the tee you will you will be asked to go back and report to the Main Starter.  For those of you who don’t know the Main Starter this year is Barry Bruton (our Junior Vice Captain) and if you don’t know who he is just ask someone before you go rushing off to the tee.

Many of you are still “forgetting” to phone your clubs to give them your gross score after a Nomad’s game.  It has been decided that if someone has done this in future we will phone your club, after the 72 hours, and give them your gross score on the day.  Also if this happens on three occasions we will implement the cutting/adjusting of your Nomad’s handicap.

I believe that the 2nd Swaziland National Tournament was a blast and there should be a report from our co-ordinator elsewhere in this magazine.

According to my records, there are a number of you who haven’t played a Nomad’s game for some time, for one or other reason and therefore haven’t received your “new” tie.  We would love to see you at a prizegiving to receive your appropriate tie.  These are the names that I have:- Joe Civin 45-Year (Jan 2013), Vic Hurford 5-Year (Mar 2013), Rupert Fourie 5-Year (Sep 2013) and Pierre Dormehl 20-Year (Oct 2013).  Please give the Captain a ring before you put in an appearance, so that the new Equipment Officer, Dave Tunbridge, can make doubly sure that your tie is ready for presentation to you.

It sounds like plans are well underway for the 50th Nomads National Tournament to be played in the Drakensberg next year.  I’m not sure how many players can be accommodated at the course but I think you will have to play all your games just to make the team.

Congratulations to Alec Saunders on being made an Honorary Life Member at Germiston Golf Club.


A woman is in bed with her lover – her husband’s best friend, while in bed the phone rings.

Because it’s the woman’s house, she reaches over and picks up the receiver.

The guy listens in, only hearing her side of the conservation.

She is speaking in a cheery voice.  “Hello, Oh, Hi! So glad you called.  Really!… That’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you. Sounds terrific.  Great! Thanks! Okay. Bye-bye…”

She hangs up the phone and the guy asks, “Who was that?”

“My husband, telling me what a wonderful time he’s having on the golfing trip with you.”